Cymbal Xin Technology for Shandong Ruiyang Pharmaceutical Factory customized twoRelease time:2021-04-02 13:00:24

On March 29th, Cymbl Xin Technology customized two wheel dehumidification units for Shandong Ruiyang Pharmaceutical Factory successfully loaded and shipped.

The project environmental control requirements are strict, in any weather conditions within 1 hour to reach the temperature of 18±2℃, relative humidity in 5%-8% below, cleanliness class 100,000. According to the characteristics of this project, the equipment adopts profile frame structure and all welding frame structure. The unit adopts modular design, the direct evaporation system, the regenerative heating method adopts steam heating, etc., the inner panel of the unit is made of 304 stainless steel, all the air valves are made of aluminum alloy closed valve, and the proportional control valve is controlled by the analog quantity, etc.

Cymbals Xin technology will continue to research and development innovation, in the technical development of continuous innovation. The modular design of the unit allows you to select the corresponding functional sections according to different requirements, such as: initial/middle/high efficiency filtration section, front/rear surface cooling dehumidification section, wheel adsorption dehumidification section, electric/steam heating section, humidification section, etc., which can realize the perfect control of temperature, humidity and cleanliness. The direct evaporation system is designed to help customers save energy while quickly achieving accurate temperature control. Steam regeneration heating method design, the heat exchanger material is stainless steel tube sleeve hydrophilic film aluminum fin, collection pipe is also made of stainless steel, with automatic steam regulating valve, according to the room requirements of infinite adjustment, automatic realization of room temperature and humidity adjustment, can avoid real-time temperature fluctuations, improve the temperature control accuracy in the room.


Cymbals Xin technology adhere to the "preventive maintenance concept", will continue to improve the pre-sale, after-sales service system construction, actively help customers to solve worries, maximize the guarantee of customer interests, in order to win the trust of more customers and continue to work hard.