Bo Xin Technology participated in CIBF2021 China International Battery TechnologRelease time:2021-03-24 10:12:15

On March 21, CIBF2021 China International Battery Exhibition came to a successful conclusion in Shenzhen. The grand appearance of the main product of Cymbols Xin Technology Anti-cold Bridge All-Welding Wheels Dehumidifier was greeted by many visitors who stopped to inquire and showed great interest in the company's products and technologies.

In the exhibition site, the company's professional and technical personnel and sales personnel to come to the exhibition for the guests to introduce the company and products.

With the rapid development of new energy technology and the ever-changing market demand, it is the inevitable choice for enterprises to accelerate the pace, steady and steady work, keep innovating and seize the opportunities of The Times. Through continuous improvement and innovation, Boxin Technology has achieved a complete industrial value chain with leading products and industry system solutions in the military and civil fields such as aerospace aerospace high-resolution satellite lithium battery production line, new energy industry and solid state battery experiment line.

Cymbal Xin Technology will provide customized services for customers, create value for customers and continue to work hard for the healthy and rapid development of the new energy industry in the future!

Anti-cold bridge all welded wheel dehumidification unit

1. Adopt advanced desiccant adsorption technology, inorganic fiber substrate, composite metal silicate and molecular sieve coating, the design life of the wheel is more than 15 years.

2. Passed the inspection and certification of "National Refrigeration Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center", with the deformation of D1 level and air leakage rate of L1 level;

3, the whole welded frame, the whole machine has good structural strength, very low air leakage rate and through the third party detection, dehumidifier design service life of 20~25 years, dew point value can reach -70℃ below;

4, New anti-cold bridge technology, eliminate cold and heat conduction, solve the condensation on the surface of the box body.

5. Low energy consumption for equipment operation, energy saving up to 15%, reducing equipment operation cost.